Cyber security doesn’t matter

Yes, when you establish a company or any business, this investment, so-called “cyber security” is a total financial loss without any doubt. Why would you allocate a high budget to maintain this? I don’t think there is any need to be prepared for such a thing. Unfortunately, many do not know that cyber security is just a useless specialty with extravagant expenses that you cannot explain to sane people. The West has successfully used globalization to annoy and drain the East with costs that we do not need. Let me tell you the reality behind cyber security; hear me out. I am an expert, trust me.

A trendy topic that will die soon

Cyber ​​security is a specialty whose purpose is only to protect huge companies, and it does not represent any value for small companies or startups. The resources utilized under the excuse of “cyber protection” are just a fad that will disappear after a couple of years. Regional enterprises do not need this intellectual nonsense; let me tell you that. These resources are not cheap either, as the employees and limited funds of any business are resources that must be used for matters of high importance, such as sale and advertising, office decoration, and comfortable business trips. I cannot accept spending these resources on something that is not profitable, especially cyber security, the results of which I can’t see with my own eyes.

The perfect resource-waster

What is the positive impact of cyber security? I honestly don’t see new customers or products? Why do this considerable effort? And talking about data, I don’t see any problem in this space, especially when the numbers and addresses of my clients are all out there. My clients share these voluntarily if you ask them. Even if hackers attack us, I don’t see any problem. I don’t have anything secret to hide in the end, I guess.

The costs of cyber security software and tools are just insanely high. One of the best pieces of advice that I can give you is not to install any of these security tools in the first place. If you do not have any enemies, what is the risk then? Hackers do not attack any company or institution unless these institutions are doing immoral or suspicious acts, and of course, I’m sure you have no hands in this. The insanity of security readiness at companies and government institutions has reached only dimensions that any sane person cannot explain.

No need to curse

Dear readers, I know that many of you have gone haywire when you read the previous couple of lines, you’ve probably have thrown several insults along the way, but the last paragraphs are the bitter reality that we are going through as cyber security experts, especially when talking with employers and stakeholders at all levels, not only in the commercial space but in government institutions too.

I hope reading this sarcastic article didn’t cost you any hair loss by any chance.

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