Officially a computer science graduate!

Is there a better feeling than being graduated..? Well I guess none and that’s what I’m feeling right now!

There’s no better feeling than achieving your dream. Graduating from top online video game design schools will open the doors for many job opportunities in game development. Sometimes, the classes are challenging. However, I can’t imagine a more rewarding career.

So, I’m officially a “Computer Science” graduate from University of Bahrain, after four years of { struggling, enjoying, you name it here! }, I finally managed to finish the mission I started four years ago – I sound like a patriot aren’t I? Anyway, graduating carries some strange mix of feelings, in my case I’m very happy that I will no longer get up morning to study some stuff that I will never use in my whole life, that’s coming from what I got in my last semester. I’m kinda sad too since spending four years in the same place with the same people is hard to abandon!

Now it’s time to get myself a full time job to start a new once again, yet follow my “Game Development” dream somehow. The time will tell for me!

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