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My talk: “Man vs Machine” for Bahrain Readers

I gave a talk/open discussion with the name “Man vs Machine: The Ethical Dilemmas Surrounding Human Evolution and Survival”. It’s been held in Mashq Art Gallery in Budaya – Bahrain yesterday. It was really beautiful to see all the people interacting with me on this very debatable subject.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is never an easy subject to tackle, It’s very technical and condensed. Instead of doing a technical talk this time around, I shift gears. I did more of an open talk sort of session surrounding the ethical part of it and the philosophy behind it The talk also spanned how machines are important for us and how should we integrate with them. Check this abstract that I wrote for the talk:

In this talk, I’ll go through the very debatable subject of man versus machine. I’ll take you on a tour that demonstrates how we heavily invested in this. Also, how our lives are thoroughly integrated with machines, technology and AI. This emphasizes on how difficult it is to abandon the technology ship and leave all of this sophisticated heritage that we built behind. Subsequently, as machines are getting faster, better and cheaper in overcoming many key problems in our life. We’re starting to feel the heat of the race competition. Evidently, these new species are “debatably” becoming better than their creator, the mighty human race.

As humans are in the middle of an ethical crisis, indeed, I take this opportunity to hear how you feel regarding this matter. Which is in a talk integrated with open discussion.

Here is the brochure to this talk:


Above all, here are the slides if you’re interested to give them a look. I’m sort of a minimalist and it’ll show even in my slides, download them from here.

Here are couple of snippets for your indulgence:




Hope whoever attended the session has enjoyed it! Contact me for anything relevant, I’ll be more than happy to assist.

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