AI Chatbots ease your business pain during covid

When AI chatbots eased your COVID-19 business pain

The year 2020 hasn’t been kind. I’m sure you wouldn’t disagree for a moment. Most recently, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is taking the entire world by surprise. Wreaking chaos among governments, individuals, and notably businesses. I, myself, had multiple training events and business meetings that got canceled a few days right before airport lock-down. I’m reassuring you, it hasn’t been a smooth ride to reschedule most of my commitments overnight.

Right within the chaos season, I realized that many businesses made this even a far more horrible experience. By not having the right infrastructure set up to tackle surprising contingencies of this sort.

I can’t express how shock I am to know that many credible and reputable businesses were suffering in getting their business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) pipelines ready for business resumption to a bearable level. I’ve heard about malfunctioned dedicated leased lines and links, wrong network configurations. Additionally, horrible Quality of Service (QoS) setup, mismatched VPN client configurations, among many more. It’s been a real technical challenge for many companies to get up on their feet after the initial hit.

It’s just that many businesses were taking such a contingency as an event that is just too rare to happen. Maybe impossible. However, COVID-19 changed course – perhaps forever. As many companies are now working around the clock to get everything ready to resume Business As Usual (BAU).

Surprisingly enough, at times like these, opportunities are just spawning out of thin air. Our in-house AI chatbot product Couverya has been getting a lot of attraction in the middle east . Especially in Saudi Arabia, directly after airport shutdown. It appears that almost everyone values a smart, intelligent, and yet efficient AI-powered virtual assistants . It can get things done remotely, especially where VPN links are not that great when we talk about bandwidth.

Couverya has just proved that AI can bare a significant portion of the business headache. Especially when confronted with technical challenges that span common themes. For example, configuration mismatch, bandwidth, and just almost any other technological uncertainty.

If you need more reasons to believe that AI is a reliable solution to solving serious production-level business challenges, here it is. In our case, an efficient AI chatbot that goes beyond bandwidth and physical office space has been one among many AI solutions that presented themselves as a testament to how convincing AI is when it comes to solving real-world problems.

Plan and implement your infrastructure right from the get-go to evade such hiccups can cost you much, stay safe.

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